Make your software delivery more predictable with Mission Control


Mission Control provides a unique cloud based analytics service that will help you:

Predict delivery

Use the latest delivery best practice to anticipate when you are likely to ship

Save Time

Automate building the ‘big picture’ for your teams & deliveries so it is immediately available

Make smarter decisions

Track history so you can retrospect with data and grow and evolve your working practices

"Finally, a powerful delivery visualisation tool that works for all our teams with our custom setup.. without the requirement for them to change any of their ecosystem !"


-Delivery Manager

Automate the 'big picture'

Move Past Jira Dashboards, Power BI And Excel - Uncover The Reality And Take Action With Mission Control.

Visualise your entire delivery ecosystem in three simple steps


Securely connect Mission Control to your cloud-based tools


Create the teams and initiatives that exist in your delivery ecosystem


Tell mission control where to find the teams and initiatives in your project management app.




Bring your own tools

Mission Control plugs directly into existing tooling. Don’t rely on installed apps, dashboards and data extractions to build your delivery picture.


Mission Control exists outside of your existing tooling, allowing teams and departments to make the tooling choices that work best for them.


Recover some of the visibility lost in the switch to remote working through automation & transparency.

Retrospect with data

View the full history of an epic, initiative or team so you can retrospect with data.

Zoom out

Mission control helps you build the big picture above epic level, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Focus in

Look at key delivery metrics such as team lead & cycle time and drive improvement in them to ship faster !

Still have


If you want more information about Mission Control and how it can help you solve your delivery visibility problem, book some time to talk to a member of the team.

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