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Team roadmapping, forecasting and tracking KPIs. All in one place.
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Become the data informed leader your team deserves. Gain cutting-edge insights with our automatic roadmapping, precise forecasting, and performance KPIs.



Takes around 1 min to set up, depending upon team sizes

InFlight with

InFlight with

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Securely connect Mission Control to your cloud-based tools


Select your project or board


Map your statuses in mission control.

“Mission Control was the missing piece for our teams, with it we are finally using our teams data to it’s full potential !”


-Agile Delivery Manager

“Finally, a powerful data based delivery tool that works for all our teams with our unique setup. I can finally see the true picture for all our strategic initiatives”



Mission Control’s powerful data tools help you to…

Predict delivery

Harness cutting-edge technology to accurately forecast project timelines. Our system streamlines the process from start to finish-no setup needed. Get a clear roadmap and stay ahead with predictive planning.

Improve Performance

Unlock a holistic view of your team’s health with data-driven insights into Delivery, Flow, and Agility. Our Insight Engine delivers actionable strategies for boosting team performance and tracking progress dynamically.

Informed Decision-Making

Transition from reactive to proactive management with a comprehensive dashboard of your team’s workflow. Identify potential issues early and make decisions with confidence, backed by a full spectrum of data insights.


How does Mission Control work?

Mission control for Jira cloud is a cloud based analytics platform that processes your teams data in order to give you insights into its agile practices & delivery. Simply map your teams jira statuses to those in Mission Control and we give you a clear picture into your teams current work, agile kpis, roadmap and projected completion dates using the latest forecasting approaches.

Mission Control supports a range of methodologies. It will intelligently uncover what methodology your team is using and adjust its reporting accordingly. We currently directly support kanban, scrum, kanban + story points, but it is designed to work off agile delivery fundamentals so works for any teams following agile practices !

The only requirement to getting started with Mission Control is that your team can clearly outline their backlog in Jira. This means having a Jira board which is associated with a single team. Without this it is impossible to give accurate insights.

We use OAuth2 which is the most secure method for integrating with Jira Cloud, using the latest in modern day authentication and encryption.

Any user can authenticate through this method and are in complete control of what data an external application can access. No passwords are stored and Mission Control will only access the data related to the chosen project. Other integration methods are available outside of open beta, please contact us for more information.

We prioritise the security and privacy of your data throughout its lifecycle.

Data in transit is protected using TLS 1.3 encryption, while data at rest is secured with AES-256 encryption.

Our systems undergo automatic monitoring and patching to swiftly address vulnerabilities, complemented by regular security audits to ensure robust protection.

While adhering to data minimization principles, we only process and store the essential data necessary to uniquely identify tickets or epics in our software and to deliver insights and reports.

This approach ensures we do not store your organization’s broader data or share it with any third parties. Our practices are in full compliance with GDPR, offering you the right to request data deletion at any time through our support. If you have concerns or questions about data security or privacy, we encourage you to contact us directly.

For a medium size team it takes 1-2 minutes to onboard from start to finish.

Open beta will last for 12 weeks.

Please use the feedback button on the far right of the page to report bugs.

We are always happy to hear about what would make Mission Control better. Feel free to submit a request through the feedback button on the right hand side or contact us at

There are currently no limits to the number of teams you can onboard, as we test scalability we may occasionally turn of registration of new teams. If this is the case please try again later.

Mission Control is a robust and scalable platform designed to visualise the entire agile delivery ecosystem.. Onboarding Teams is just the start.

It can also track initiatives that span multiple teams, track dependencies between teams and in the future support scaled agile approaches such as SAFe, Nexus, Flight levels etc.

At Methodshift we care about your data’s security and privacy, it is our #1 priority.

Different organisations will have different policies relating to Jira Apps & integrations. Mission Control works in a similar manner to other tools such as Zapier, EasyBI, PowerBI or Slack. So if you use any of these tools, chances are you can use Mission Control.

We use OAuth2 for authentication and rest calls to gather and process data (but we don’t store it). You and your organisation are in full control of what data can be accessed and can revoke that access at any time through Jira.

If you would like more information or would like us to talk directly to your compliance department please feel free to book some time.

If you’re encountering challenges while trying to onboard your team into Mission Control, it’s possible that specific Jira Cloud settings may be restricting your access. We’re committed to ensuring a smooth setup process, so please don’t hesitate to reach out for support.

Here’s how you can get help:

Contact Our Support Team: Send an email to detailing the issues you’re facing. Our dedicated team will work with you to diagnose the problem and identify a suitable solution.

Consult with Your Jira Administrators: Some issues may stem from permission settings within Jira. We recommend discussing with your internal Jira administrators to adjust any permissions necessary for accessing and utilising Mission Control effectively.

We understand the importance of a seamless onboarding process and are here to support you every step of the way