Mission Control Release Notes – 04/07/23

mission-control-rocket - Edited

Here are the Mission Control release notes for the 4th July.

It contains a number of changes after the release of the Open Teams demo. The changes have been guided by feedback from users, user research sessions and observations of user behaviour through Hotjar.


  • Reworked the Home button, when clicked it will now redirect to your team. If you have multiple teams it will show the teams page.
  • The page title on all report pages now shows the report name in addition to the team/entity it belongs to.
  • Updated the font for the summaries on the overview page to be more legible
  • Fixed an issue where the average story points on the sizing report would sometimes show a summary of the wrong issue type; it will now consistently show the average story points for completed tickets over the last 3 months for all issue types.
  • Added rounding of data points to 2 decimal places for a number of reports where it was missing
  • Updated breadcrumbs to be more intuitive
  • Clicking the mission control logo will now act in the same manner as hitting ‘home’
  • Fixed an issue where the Progress report ‘rate’ summary would show story points per day but label it as story points per week.
  • Updated all references of ‘Syncing’ to ‘Updating’. As Mission Control does not store & sync data so the terminology was confusing.
  • Increased font size of text on a number of report charts based on screen resolution

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